The Hancock-RC Group approach

Are you a global working company with packaging and / or production solutions and in search for a European Sales and Service office?

Do you need changes or certification to your existing packaging and / or production equipment executed by a local European company?

Are you in search for a smart packaging production solutions in the fields Flexible Packaging, Paper, Labels, Corrugated or Folding Cartons?

Especially in those cases you are invited to continue reading and you may find answers to your questions. Otherwise feel free to ask the questions by filling out the form.

We are here to serve you!


– Printing Production Solutions for Converters –


Wide web applications


– Printing Production Solutions for Converters –


Roll – Roll and Roll – Sheet applications


– Packaging Solutions for All Types of Industries –


Primary and Secundary Packaging

Production support in its broadest meaning

The Hancock-RC Group serves the industry in differrent ways.

From the beginning in 2000, the support of Packaging and Printing Industry with Production Solutions was a major goal. Today the Hancock Group owns 3 companies offering production and packaging equipment including consulting and service.

The Hancock-RC Group offers Commercial Support to other companies by offering interim commercial management. Depending on the needs this also includes Web and Social Media Marketing. For that reason we have our own Media Agency Vivic Media.

Based on the in-house experience we are also responsible to bring new intercontinental technology to Europe. We build Machine Brands including sales  and technical services. If needed we can take care of the CE certification and of requested machine configuration changes.


On-Site Experts & Services

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Repair & Maintenance Services

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